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My freakin' trunk is rusting out! Last week I got a flat and when I got the spare out I noticed alot of water and a little rust in the spare tire well. I removed plugs, drained it, dried it out and put the plugs back in. A week later after a big rainstorm, I check again and there's more water. My question is, since the car was in an accident I don't know whether to bring to the body shop or the dealer. Is this a defect? A common problem anyone else has had?

'99 Nighthawk Black Prelude Type SH
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You might wan't to look under your rear lights too, as rust can form where the bumper is taken off and put back on again!

If the car has been in an accident, that is the reason!
Mine is Ok as it hasn't been rear ended!

5th GEN 2.2 VTI 4WS Manual
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Bring it back to the body shop, since this is in no way related to the dealer!
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