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B cuz I got it like that.
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Up for offers, charge it up with your cigarette charger, via a UPS connection, included.. so you can charge it up via your labtop too. Easily recognized by all GPS software: Microsoft Streets, USA and Euro, and .. I forget but that other major GPS software company. Links up to Satelites, very fast, charge lasts incredibly long... you can wear it around your neck or hang it from the rearview.. link it to your labtop via Bluetooth, and you are good to go.

Everything is included to install and keep it charged.

Make me an offer, shipping is $8.00 all over USA, Euro/Canada.. ask first.. might be a pain in the ass with customs and duties. meh.

I paid I think $100 or somethin like that 1 year ago. Perfect shape. I use my cellphone's GPS now... so I gotta sell it. But if you need a real system.. labtop and this is the way to go!

Make me a offer.
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