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Guys, I have a 2000 prelude with a Euro R swap, p28 ecu with a base map. I just did the swap, currently breaking the motor in before the tune. I ran into a problem so any help/input would be very appreciated.

The car was running great until I had a catback exhaust installed. My tuner guy suggested me to remove the cat, which I did. As soon as I left the muffler shop, the car was running like sh!t. Idle is ok but kinda missfire/stall while driving. I know it has nothing to do with the cat delete since obd1 doesn't read the secondary o2, so I assume it should not be a source of the problem, but I might be wrong. I'm afraid that they fried up something when welding the exhaust.

Searched for the symptoms and Im anxious with the idea they could fried up my ecu. Possible? I read a lot of horror story and it drive me nuts. In other hand lot of ppl says they welded on cars and never had any problem..

They welded a pipe where the cat was, between the flanges. Dunno if they welded it while on car. Dunno if they unplugged the battery. All I know is that my car now run like crap and smell gas as Fu*k, which make sense since there is no cat anymore.

I bought a new cat and will have it installed back next Friday, but I doubt this would solve the problem. The car is just to noisy now.

What you guys think? What should I check beside the 1st o2 and ecu? Can it be anything else causing this? Can it be just because of the cat delete causing to much back pressure?

Any input would be appreciated.

Will post update.

Sorry for my bad English btw, I'm from Montreal, Quebec



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