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I installed my motor mounts this weekend. The install was pretty straight forward. the rear was a pain in the butt like everyone said. We had to take the intake manifold off to get a better view of the mount (there really isn't a view btw, it's so cramped).

When the car turned on there was already a difference. The car shook as it was turned on. Usually the engine will shake back and forth while cranking. No longer. The engine stays put and the interior shutters as the engine wakes up (for a split second). After warmed up, my idle was at 700-850, there was an increase in vibration. The steering wheel vibrated alittle more. The rear view mirror resembled my subwoofer on low levels (it was just shakey, still see able). These vibrations do NOT cause any extra noises in the car, the steering wheel just gives you some extra feedback at idle
. it is very tolerable. The only new noises i heard was one from the back seatbelt area and on the passenger seat. no big deal, i found where they were and fixed them easily with some engineering creativity.

Now for driving. I had an aftermarket clutch, a clutchnet stage 2 clutch. This clutch was kinda hard for me to engage into 1st gear smoothly. so when i engage the clutch, sometimes the intercooler pipes would clank together because the engine would shake around so much, a very bad noise and feeling altogether. With the install of the engine mounts, the clanking has gone away, and the clutch engagement is better, not so much smoother, but it just feels better, i don't know how to explain it. The car shakes violently at about 900rpm for some reason. The dash will make this great vibration and shutter. Kind of like when you shift really really really fast from 1st to 2nd and your dash wants to fall off. If you rev through 900rpm real quick, you won't really notice it. The only times this sucks is when you caught in gear @ 900rpm. omg, let me tell you how scary that is. the whole dash skaes, and feels like it's going to fall off. My avc-r in my center console fell off once already, hehe, it is held on w/ a tiny amount of 3m tape. Yea, so i try to rev her up past 900 and slip her into gear past 900rpm, that avoids things.

the mounts keep the engine from moving around, and you can totally feel it. It feels more solid. Like suspension mods that increase stability, this mod resembles that. i remember the first time i got my strut bar, it felt great, the car was more together, so to speak. this mod did the same thing.

daily driving is ok, still getting used to it. o yea, what wheel hop ?

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