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Rev limiter question....

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This is going to sound stupid...Does the computer in the 5th gens have a different reve limiter in each gear? I was just wondering because it seems like I hit the rev limiter @ 6800 in first, 7k in 2nd and then 7300/7400 in the rest. Any thoughts?
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As long as you are moving, the fuel cutoff is 7600 rpms, but it's about 8k indicated.

If you are sitting still, the fuel cutoff kicks in earlier, and if the ECU is in limp mode, the fuel cutoff kicks in earlier.

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It's about 6800 (indicated) if you aren't moving. I also noticed with my V-AFC that if I'm moving, but the clutch is depressed, that it limits at 6800 once, bounces, then rings up to the high (8k indicated) and will stay there. Doesn't do it when I wind out first... not sure what the hell is going on, but as long as it doesn't affect actual driving...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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