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Removed my resonator; I like it -->

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Quick report, I yanked out the big black intake resonator box over the weekend, not the two tube section and the butterfly valve but just the lower box portion (man, that thing is huge). I plugged the pipe leading straight down to the box at the very top to smooth out the airflow so all air is still being drawn through the tubes with the two-stage valve still in place.

The biggest difference I notice is from 2k-4k, it seems to rev more freely and has a slightly increased sound. At high RPMs it develops a bit of a throbbing sound which is probably what they were trying to reduce by including it to begin with. It's not too much louder, I like it.

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Would you weigh the piece you took out?

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I removed the resonator box and tubing after the butterfly valve-which pulled in air from the top of the fender..thought the air may be warmer up there.

The weight of those two pieces was about 4.5lbs.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jmcn:
Would you weigh the piece you took out?

I don't have an accurate scale for small weights but I'd say about 3.5-4lbs. Probably another 1.5lbs for the tubing and butterfly valve section (which I left installed). I left the tube piece as it seemed pretty carefully designed to do its thing along with the vacuum-operated flap. The resonator box on the other hand just looks pointless except for noise reduction.

I'm guessing that removing it helped out the airflow nicely as power is smoother at cruising RPMs; definitely the biggest benefit.

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