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Hi All,

I've posted previously about my 94 VTEC prelude. I've had some changes that will prevent me from continuing the rebuild work on my own. Vehicle needs additional body work, drive train and suspension. I had to stop part way through the body work. Rear suspension is off at the moment. Has an H22a, but I'm not against a motor swap.

Anyway...I'm in the market to locate a build shop that does good work and can take over the rest of the build. I have enough budget to see it get done. Preferrably a shop that specializes in Honda/Acura. And I don't mind if it takes months to complete. I don't want this to be a rush build. Quality over quanity!

I'm located in the north east US. About an hour northeast of NYC area.

Does anyone have recommendations for a shop that might take on a job like this? I reached out to the HDay guys figuring they would surely know a shop or two, but I never get an answer from them. Looking for reputable shops rather than some guy named Fred that does his work under a pop-up tent LOL.
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