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recall on '98 lude......

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I just got my car recently, and the other day I found out there is a recall for ball joints.
I'm also ready for a suspension upgrade, so I'm wondering if I need to get this problem fixed first.
Also, would it be worth it to take the parts to the dealer so they can do the install (if they would even do that), or would there be no point? Otherwise I would be getting it done professionally at a local shop.

thanx for any advise.
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don't sweat it was only on a few cars, not all of them. Just take it to the dealer and the will run the VIN # to see if your vehicle was included in the recall, i have a 98 also and mine was not included
my VIN # was run the other day, and mine is one of the recalls. I don't exactly know anything about ball joints, but does it involve taking apart the suspension. If so, I figure this would be a good time to lower my me some money u know?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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