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How is it holding up? Do you go through tires more often than normal? What products did you use (springs, coilovers, shocks, camber etc...) Any regrets?

The point of the question is I'm sold on the fact I'd like to lower the car a bit, but am concerned about the long-term affects of doing so...

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I had stock spring/damper for 2months.
I remember the serenity.

Then I had Tanabe SuperH springs with stock dampers for 4 months.
It lowered about .5 inch all around.
Ridw as still quiet mushy.
Then I got aggressive and had Koni yellows (that's when carparts sell'n 'em for real
cheap) with ground control.
I remember that the two were very good.
Tight ride.. commendable control, etc..
But someone was making fun of it..
Fake coilover.. that sort of thing.
So, I practically gave away the setup after
another few months of try and went back
to stock... while my new order was being
furfilled. My ass really appreciated the
stock spring.. but, hey, we are not into
it for bungi jumping in our cars, are we?

Then my Sustec coilovers arrived. I don't know
why but it was kinda klunky. klunkier than
groundcontrol setup. As if some
parts are loose.. I thought it was
worse than groundcontrol!!
I sold it off and lost
40% after 3 months with it.
saved some money and after a year full of
trying this and trying that.. i got introduced
to Tein by my cousin.
I thought at first, it was as klunky as
Sustecs. But I realize the similarity
ends with the noise. The feeling was
much more tighter and much more refined.
Then I added the pillowballs (mistakenly
not knowing that what it accomplishes
is exactly opposite of what it sounds like:
pillowballs). I was shocked at the level
of grind it introduced into the cabin.
But after few months, I began to appreciate
that connection. As if my teeth are connected
to the suspension rod at all times..ready
to be pickled off on the next bump.

I've had Teins now for almost two years.
I must like it. yes even with pillow balls..

PS -remember pillow balls naturally sterilize you.

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You will go through struts faster, cv joints, cv boots, axles etc much faster when your car is lowered. you are putting much more stress on these things. your bushings will become mushier also since they are rubber. on top of that you will end up taking turns harder increasing the pressure on suspension parts.

Trust me, breaking an axle in half isn't fun especially while your in the car backing out of your driveway and your car is just sitting there on the ground not going anywhere.

Fortunately, this was on my old accord and have not encountered these problems yet on my Prelude. Don't ever wait to long to fix your cv's.

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I've had my car lowered for three years. 1.5 all around and still riding on stock shocks. Car rides great still..people are still surprised that i still haven't gotten aftermarket shocks..cause they think the ride quality is great.

Tires lasted about 20,000 miles without an alignment. In fact...I still have to since i got the new rims..hahaha..

Camber is barely noticeable...that's probably why the tires lasted so long.


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mine has been lowered for more than three years and there isnt really any bad long term effects. But i do have some rattling noises in the interior but not that bad...but then again my car is a 93 so that might be why.
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