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I know previously on the board we talked about the timing belt whine and i know that a few of you have it happening on your car. Well i am one of your fellow timing whine brothers. We all came to the conclusion (most of us) that it was because it is too tight. Well my questions for you all is did your car go slower with it tighter or stay the same.Quarter mile ET's would be nice. I know a guy who says my car is having power problems in the top end because the belt is too tight and it takes more power to turn it. Good idea but i thought i'd ask some people who cars are in the same boat as mine!

93 si 2.3L non-VTEC
DC sports header
AEM pulleys
Akimoto intake
OBX muffler 2.25 piping
ACT 278lbs. clutch
[email protected]/60ft.511r/t
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