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1999 Prelude 5sp

Story is maxed out 3rd and shifted into 2nd rather than 4th.(i suck) And car would not start again.

Compression test--0 accross
Pulled motor--Walls are ok and not scored,valves looked ok but will be replacing them, Timing belt was a bit chewed up on the

sides(thinking if it skipped a tooth)

Since the motor is out I want to replace some parts that are due to be replaced soon and that are uncomfortable to do while in the


Spark plugs/wires
Camshaft plug/seals
Head Gasket
Timing Belt
Valve Cover Gasket
Vtec Solenoid Gasket
Some coolant hoses for the rear(I cut them when removing engine
Crankshaft Pulley-(Chipped the side of the wheel a little)
Head Studs
High-Flow Cat
Fuel Filter
Rear Main Seal
Knock Sensor
Enigne Mounts-

Now, could I just buy inserts for my factory mounts or does the whole mount have to be repaced?

Are there any other sensors I should just replace.

Any tips/advice will be more than welcomed

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