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I am getting rid of my PSB Image 4T, 3 speaker setup. These are really great speakers, but I no longer have the need for them. They have always been kept indoors and have not been used much over the last 4 years or so since I switched out the home theater speakers at that time for a different setup.

If you are not familiar with PSB, these are up there with Polk, Boston Acoustics, Infinity, Klipsch, etc. They are not super high-end, but they are very good quality and sound great! I think I paid over $1,000 for this setup at Fry's when I bought them.

I'd like to sell them for $350 for all three speakers. Local pickup or I can meet depending on where you are located. If interested and in the Austin, College Station, or Houston areas please let me know. I live in NW Houston but travel to Austin and CS a lot.

Can send pictures upon request.
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