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Due to the funny thing called life, I took a 2 year hiatus from the track. My friends from Blacktrax in Milpitas were hosting a track event up at Thunderhill so I decided to make the trip up from SoCal!

Before the trip, I had to smog the car, so after that was done, I put my header and exhaust setup back on. We were even able to make a battery tray before I left!

I headed up north, I needed to get there at 5 because I had a tuning session at Blacktrax.

My engine mods on the Prelude are:
Cold air intake
Hytech header
High flow cat
Custom exhaust
Type S (11:1) pistons
Greddy emanage

I was really happy with the results:

Earlier in the day I decided that I wanted to go camping that night, so I headed out to Big Basin State Park to sleep amongst some redwoods. I got there around 11pm and was super lucky to stumble upon some other wannabe campers who knew which spots were still available. Saved me so much time and hassle.

The next morning was glorious.

I met up with Jei and Nat of Blacktrax, we got packed up and caravanned to a hotel near Thunderhill. The next morning was the track event!

Loved this McLaren throwback liveried S2000.

S13 on the right has an LS swap.

Chatted with the owner of this NSX for a while, very nice guy.

So sleek.

The track day was great, Thunderhill is a really fun track. I loved the very smooth track surface. The thing that was most crazy though was the blind cresting hill, which can be taken at a high speed, but I would always have to brake.

The end of the day concluded with a gorgeous sunset, which prompted for an impromptu photoshoot. I got some dinner, headed back to the hotel, and came home the next day.

Some random notes:
It was fun being able to learn a new track, as I hadn't been to a new one for quite some time now. Overall I enjoyed Thunderhill more than Buttonwillow. The track itself has a better flow of turns and the track surface is a million times better than Buttonwillow.

I've now spent a lot of time going back and forth between the Prelude and the NSX, and it actually makes me love both even more. You can definitely feel the solidness of the NSX, but its inputs are also very heavy as compared to the Prelude. Everything about it is heavier, so the car feels heavier, even though it's physically lighter. I also thought it was interesting how my car awareness has definitely improved over time, as I am now able to point out where the Prelude's handling is lacking. I'd attribute it to the fact that I now have much more experience with multiple car layouts in performance environments.

I'll say it, RWD > FWD, but, FWD is very underrated and I love it on the track for its forgiving dynamics at the limit.

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i believe i have seen a picture of your car parked to a NSX, do you own that white one in the picture?

also whats your plate mean exactly? I enjoy seeing peoples personalized plates

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Thanks for sharing the awesome pics! Sweet ride you have! So, I was stupid enough to sell my 93 Prelude Si years ago but now I have a great 87 Prelude Si that I’m restoring. Does anyone else on here have an 87 so that we can exchange info? Seems as I may have a strange model as I’ve only seen 2 pictures on the web of other 87s? I’ll share pictures of mine this weekend. Mike
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