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Prelude at Sebring pics....

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my buddy went down to Sebring for the 12 hours race, he took some pics for me...

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grant lockwood is the man.

see more about his car here
LOL yup....poor guy...he can't really get out and test his car...he can't get the same kinda sponsors that Realtime and the others get

I say we, the H-A prelude crew, go with him to the track and help him get the car set up!!!

2000 Ficus Green Prelude - Powered by WAAAAAAAAH PPPSSSHSHHH

What stands between a Prelude Driver and an ear to ear grin? About 5500 RPMs!

my next mod:
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WoW! Pictures look great! BUT...What is the Sebring 12 hour race? How did it finish?

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he has a big OEM lip

and nice TE37's hehe

his car looks good in those pics, but too bad he can finish too well.

David [email protected]

ICQ UIN: 4310950
AOL SN: Poena97
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