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So heres a 92 Prelude with an absolutely insane system consisting of 2 15's on 10,000 watts [Max. about 4,400rms (only half power)].
and i apologize ahead of time for not having any pictures of the build.

the one on the right is the type i'm using. 2 100lb Soundstream XXX modified by my friend patrick at Robot Underground

This is the only build pic i have of the bow.

The OctoPort Bass Cannon as i like to call it

now painted

Last Metered at 150.2 db (remember that they're only half powered.)

SSL EV5000d's. Benched at Robot Underground putting out 2130wrms @ 1ohm with slight internal modification.

Gotta have the power look good.

I hope you like it.
and keep an eye on me as i might be dropping in 2 18's on 3x the power ;)
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