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my prelude is at the shop and i desparately need to get it finished. there are a couple of things i need to cover but i will start out with this.

the shop broke the heater core hose as they were transplanting the motor. they used a standard 5/8 hose but it is two long in it and has some really tight bends because of how it is placed, un-natural you know?

i need to order the hose to fit this car today but i have know idea what hose it is. the only thing i know is that it is the hose comming from the heater core that is the one closest to the passenger side of the car. honda wasn't sure but they 'thought' it 'might' be the return hose.

i need to know exactly wich hose this is. is there any other hose that will fit this?

the 5/8 hose that is on there now is leaking like mad around the clamp, is 5/8 to big? what size is this hose? is it the return hose?

also, would the leak in the hose cause the engine to overheat while sitting there in idle?

the fan stays on a few seconds ofter the car shuts off, does that mean the thermostat is bad?

with the placement of the thermostat in these cars is it possible for the hose to be leaking while the water pump is trying to force water through it and the thermostat be not open, or with the fact that it is leaking mean that the thermostat is fine?

thanks, please try to help!

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Have no fear, Exodus is here. haha. Okay, anyways, I busted the same hose, only while I was driving. Not pretty. It's the water inlet hose for the heater. the one on the passenger side that that connects to the head under the coil right?

It's number 2 on the diagram. Honda wanted $18 for the hose. I said f*ck that, and went to Kragen. They had a generic hose that fit the application, for $6. Basically a molded hose with a 90 degree bend.

Yes the leak will cause the car to overheat, especially at idle. Whenever your coolant level drops a significant amount, the car will start to overheat and you'll get the fan turning on after the car shuts off. It's like a polite reminder that you need some water/coolant, haha.
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