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The runs were done at ERT in Wilmington, DE. ERT is owned by DuPont Motorsport, and it is the home of the DuPont SpeedVision Touring Car race team - the arch-nemisis of RealTime Racing.
To keep this Prelude related, here's my car on ERT's dyno...

The ERT guys were really cool, they even gave me a quick tour of the DuPont team prep garage. I saw Neal Sapp's SVTC 328 being worked on, Shauna Marinis's 328 SVTC car that she rented from DuPont last season, and several other of the team's SVWC cars... They were showing me Alfred DuPont's car and pointed out damage on his rear bumper where there was a little "contact" with Pierre Kleinubing at Texas MotorSpeedway... Cool stuff!

Here's Shauna Marinis's car from last season, now in storage...

also in this garage was a customer's heavily modified 2001 M5 (part of which appears to the right), an E30 M3 in full race prep, and another SCCA competition prepped 325 that was owned by one of the employees!

Now this is a *factory* race car...

2000 BMW 3series shell prepped with rollcage and all kinds of structural reinforcement straight from the factory! They said it was donated to them by BMW after last season, but they said they probably would never use it... It was designed to meet European touring car specs, and it was too heavy to be competitive in SpeedVision TC... Check out those wheels!

I really wanted to take some pics of the DuPont team's workshop and current season's cars, but they were so nice to show me around.... So I figured I'd better not be a PITA and take pics of their "top secret" cars...

I'll post my bone-stock dyno plots in a minute...

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