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I think I'm going to invest in some PIAA Ion Yellow's to keep up with 98VTEC after these burn out ;)

over the hood shot:

kneeling beside fender:

standing beside fender (yeah, I'm short!):

headlights only:

facing car:

closeup of foglight:

fogs look whiter here:

Prelude back in the garage:

They aren't that pretty, but they sure light up the road at night much better than my old bulbs. I'm not sure what the old ones were, they've been in the car since I bought it.

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Philips makes one hell of a bulb. I had the Vision plus before I had HID's and they really were such an improvement over stock. Which is saying something because its hard to improve on stock halogen other than HID. I do like the PIAA Ions more than your current fogs but hey...with time you will be able to swap out for something new.
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