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Please follow all these rules in this forum. Moderators will enforce all the rules listed here, and any posts which don't follow them are at risk for being deleted.

Rules for Sellers:
  1. You must not link to an Ebay or other offsite auction.
  2. You must not be posting an ad on behalf of a commercial organization. This forum is for the use of private individuals only. This forum will not be used to sell commercially.
  3. You must list a price. Prices can be negotiable, but you must give a ballpark. This isn't Jeopardy; buyers need to know what the range is.
  4. You must post contact information. This means at least an email address or phone number. Listing for other people is acceptable as long as all requirements listed here are met.
  5. You must post a picture of your item(s) for sale. Every phone nowadays has a camera so there is no excuse to not put them up. Secondly, you stand a much higher chance of selling your item if potential buyers can see what you're offering.
Recommended for Sellers:
  1. Please post your location. This is especially important if you are not located inside the continental US, and is important for buyers to know what shipping costs are to be incurred.
  2. Please post a relevant thread title. Something like "FS: Mugen header $500" works fine.
  3. Please check your forum PMs regularly. Many members expect to reach you via PM.
Rules for Buyers:
  1. cannot be held responsible for transactions. We like to support our members, but we cannot be held liable for any part of a sale.
  2. Don't harass the seller. If the seller makes stupid demands, just ignore them. They will get the picture when nobody contacts them.
  3. Don't make ridiculous offers. Offers more than 33% lower than a listed price are considered ridiculous. No one is going to take you seriously.
  4. Don't talk about irrelevant things in a FS thread.
Recommended for Buyers:
Always try to use PayPal for purchases. That way the onus is on the seller to prove that he shipped the items and that they were delivered to the right address.
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