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I’ve been avoiding doing this for a few months now, but I now have to part-out my H23Avtec swapped EF hatchback, in order to help pay for the birth of our third child & to buy a larger family car

This was not your average H22 swapped civic. It has the much desired H23A block, Stage 3 head, Quaife LSD, Stage 2 axles, tuned with an AEM EMS, 11� discs with Wilwood calipers, Volk wheels, Fiberimages hood, etc.

Crower stage 3 cams (the "stronger" billet, with around 6000 miles)- $350
ARP Head studs- $50

Resistor box- $20
Knock sensor (obd1)- $50
Vision catch can- $50
MSD SCI ignition with Blaster SS coil- $150
Rywire Harness H22/EF engine Harness & obd0-obd1 ECU harness- $200
H22 OBD1 external coil dizzy w/ plug wires- $80
Starter- $20
H series Alternator- $25
D series Alternator- $20
Crank Pulley Tool- $35

Custom 2 1/2� resonated exhaust for EF's w/ only 4-15° bends (sounds great, deep) w/ Thermal muffler- $250
Griffin Radiator EG half radiator (with slim fan)- $200
Hasport motor mounts- $375

Hasport/DSS Stage 2 axles- $300
Forbidden Short Shifter & Prelude shift linkage- $175
Fidanza 8lb flywheel (it's used)- $80

Explicit Speed front strut tower bar- $75
ST Front Sway bar- $100
Progress rear sway bar (2000 miles, you will need $43 of parts from Progress)- $50

11� front Fastbrakes/Wilwood kit & 11� Fastbrakes rear drum to disc conversion in with GSR calipers, 3rd gen Prelude 15/16 Master cylinder, 40/40 prop valve, Steel braided brake lines (front rotors are less than 600 miles old of only street use)- all for $1000

EF/ CRX Momo hub- $60

Volk Group C 15� with 215/45 Falken Azenis RT615 (1000miles on tires, wheels are 8.5/10)- $800
Volk/Rays GRN's with CEAT Tornadoes (tires nearly new, wheels are 7/10 due to paint imperfect)- $750
Rays lug nuts (set of 20 standard length, black)- $75
Fiber Images carbon fiber hood w/ hood pins (2 months old, like new)- $450/obo

Complete AC system (except the AC harness)- $75

Located in Utah

More H22 parts, Mainly OEM 4th gen Prelude:
Autometer Lunar series boost gauge- $30
Rear view mirror (aftermarket that has a compass & tells temp, 4th gen Lude)- $40
Manual boost controller- $5
Volk caps, rings, & tool for CV pros- $150
AEM Underdrive alternator pulley (silver, H22)- $40
HKB steering wheel hub (4th gen Ludes)- $15

Blower fan assembly- $30
AC evaporator surround- $15
Glove box- $10
Dash & console parts- ask me
Tweeter Covers- $15
SRS Computer (controls just the single driver’s airbag)- $10
Driver’s Airbag- $25

Washer Fluid Reservoir- $15
OEM Gas cap- $5
Gas access cover- $15

Alternator- $20
Alternator bracket- $20
Aluminum AC bracket- $40
P.S. Bracket- $15
Iron AC bracket- $10
Engine bay fuse box- $20
Cruise Control- $15
Tranny motor mount (5spd)- $20

Front LCA’s- $10ea
Front strut forks- $10ea
Rear Sway bar brackets- $5ea
Rear UCA’s (need new boots, ball joints fine)- $15 ea
Trailing arms- $10 ea.
Front strut mounts- $5
Steering Rack- $50

Clutch Slave & tranny hardline- $20
Oil Cooler (OEM)- $25
Internal Coil (for internal coil dizzies)- $10
Upper Timing belt cover- $10
H22 Thermostat housing w/ Fan switch- $20
Front Balance shaft seal protector thing (keeps seal from popping out)- $10
H22 dipstick & cover- $15
Spare wheel/donut- $20

Rear bumper- $50
Driver & passenger doors- $100 ea.
Complete Sunroof- $100

Misc. plugs from engine or chassis harnesses- $5ea (high demand plugs, $10)
Pigtails (wires that fit into plugs)- $1ea

Sold items:
DSM 390cc injectors
Walbro fuel pump
Rays lug nuts
Aeromotive fuel filter, w/ braided lines
Intermediate shaft
Blacktrax Stage 4 ported intake manifold
STR 68mm throttle-body
Explicit Speed traction bar
AEM EMS (Obd1 #30-1040)
90-91 Si cluster
Stage 2 clutches (2, both used)
Unorthodox Ultra R Crank pulley
Euro H23A block w/ H23 manual tensioner conversion & balance shafts removed
Moroso Oil pan
AEM fuel Rail w/ Marshall fuel pressure gauge
Hytech Header & Catco 2 1/2� cat
Password JDM rear strut tower bar
Greddy timing belt
Ported H22 head by Blacktrax, rockers balanced,Crower valvetrain (springs & retainers), Supertech Flat valves, 5 angle valve job
PLX M-300 wideband
STR Cam gears
M2A4 transmission w/ Quaife LSD, Gearspeed carbon synchros, & a new 1-2 sleeve
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