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Opinions of new Nissan SER spec V

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What do you all think about the new nissan spec V coming out this fall. 180 hp with Limited slip with 180 lbs of tourque seems like it is going to be a contender. The new articles say that it is going to give the Type R a run for its money. Is this all hype or does this car have a chance??

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Who cares. It has something the Honda's don't--torque!

As for handling, don't know. That new balance-shaft 2.5 will put even more weight over the front. Hope they tuned it well.
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Torque is what is going to make this thing sell and with a list price around 17-18k. I'd rather have one than a civic si.
It's power numbers are pretty damn close to a VR6, so as long as it is lighter and when you add in the LSD it could be pretty fast.

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I don't care how fast or how much torque it has, the styling isn't there, looks like a sentra still.
i hear the new SE-R V SPEC are gonna be quick

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Where the hell is Nissan going with their styling? Sounds fast, but looks like a Pontiac. Good lord that thing is ugly!!! I'll take an RSX Type R over that thing.


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