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My name is Beth Breeland, (AKA Maw to most of the world) and I’m a long time customer of Audio Systems. The following is a compilation of my dealings with Jim Helbing (JRCivic) and Audio Systems in Birmingham Alabama. I post this not out of spite, but in the hope that I can save someone from a similar fate. There are two separate story lines, so to keep them from being confused, I will label them story A and story B.
Story A:

1. August 1998 I bought a new Integra GS-R for my son, Jimmy Breeland.
2. From October 1998 until April 1999 my son spent money with Jim Helbing having the car lowered, and having rims, tires, and a header and exhaust installed.
3. In May 1999 he had a Venom chip added (without my knowledge).
4. June 13, 1999 my son was in a horrible auto wreck in which he died. He made the mistake of not having his seatbelt fastened, and he was driving too fast.
5. I was approached by Jim a week or so after my son’s death, I had never met the man before the funeral, to see about me buying the salvage on the car at $3,700. It had never crossed my mind to buy the salvage.
6. I bought the salvage, paid the storage fee and paid to move the car to a garage where the car would be stripped, at no cost to Jim.
7. I had a verbal agreement with Jim that my son’s motor would be used to continue his dreams of racing. Jim had suggested the install of the motor into his black civic. He also had first option on ANY parts off of my son’s car that he wanted… at no cost.
8. I got a call from Jim later that the motor was installed along with a Jackson Racing Supercharger into the black civic and would run at Steele, Alabama.
9. He lied to all of his customers that knew my son about what was going on and when the car would run. I informed co-workers of the date (the date I believe was end of July 1999 or early August 1999) along with family and friends.
10. On the way to the drag strip he had one of my son’s, friends, little brother in the car. The little brother asked Jim if the motor in the car was Jimmy Breeland’s and he informed him that it was not. This kid was 12 years old, but Jim could not even talk to me about any problems with installation.
11. Each time I tried to speak with Jim about my son’s motor or the car, Matt Hutchins and Stacie Strom were always present. Whether or not there’s something going on, I couldn’t tell you, but Stacie appears to schedule her life around Jim.
12. When race season was over, we were told the motor was removed from the civic and packed in a crate to be shipped to Benson Machine Shop in California. I asked that when the motor was returned that I would be the first person to see the motor other than Jim. A fair request I thought since the motor was donated by me.
13. When my son’s motor returned, and I was excited to view the motor only to have Stacie say that she had already seen it. How do you think that made me feel? A promise was made that I would be the first to see my son’s motor, and it was broken. Stacie had a bad habit of just hanging around.
14. I found out last month that my son’s motor was never in Jim’s black civic. When he bought the black civic it already had a GS-R engine to which he added a Jackson Racing Supercharger. I was enraged, but managed to contain my temper.
15. When Jim was asked about the motor being in the car by a family friend, he accused this person of insinuating that he had done something wrong. This person was drug outside and berated for daring to accuse him of such in front of others.
16. I offered to pay Jim for what Benson did to the motor, but he quoted me a crazy price. I did this so I could have my son’s motor back, and the people around me could see it race, and see my sons dreams finally completed.

Story B:
1. In late August of 1999 I bought another new Integra GS-R to recreate a car in memory of my son with everything he and any other teenager would want to put on a car. This took from October 1999 through the following summer to complete.
2. I decided the 1999 GS-R needed something different before NOPI so I went to Jim to order a complete JDM front end. I paid in advance (my mistake). It took from April 2000 until September 2000 to get my parts in. Over the months I was told that the front end was on its way several times. It was rumored that UPS tried 3x to deliver the front end and get COD but Jim’s Employers, Audio Systems, had spent the money. In August I went to ask for my money back, but I was told the money was not available. Jim said he ordered the parts and so I checked the vendor for 3 days to see if it had been ordered. It had not. I called Jim back after 3 days of phone calls to ask him when it would be ordered. (Each time I talked with him he always had Matt (employee) and Stacie (a girl that hangs out and is almost always there) listening to every conversation and adding their three cents worth.)
4. In post on another board, Jim claimed to be “My champion.� It appears that instead, I was his chump.
5. Before my JDM front end arrived Jim had implied that he had spoken to one of the best body men in town. When it arrived he told me to have my body man put the front end on my car. Keep in mind that I did not have a body man, but I spoke with a body shop and they managed to put the JDM front end on before NOPI, and did a great job.
6. I don’t care that as much that Jim and Audio Systems messed with me about my front end or that Matt and Stacie were always around when I needed to talk with Jim so much as I cared about them messing with me about my son’s motor.
7. The memorial car is equipped with a Jackson Racing Supercharger with an 8psi upgrade, a DC Sports header, AEM cold air intake and adjustable cam gears, Mugen Valve cover, Quaife Limited Slip Differential, Enkie Suzukas, Tanabe Exhaust, Moroso Oil pan, ACT clutch and pressure plate, ZEX lightweight flywheel, Powerstop cross drilled rotors, Reoco performance brake pads, stainless steel braided brake lines, short shifter and shift stabilizer, true JDM Spec Type R front end, Type R strut bar in the front, a center chassis bar behind the front seats, an STR dress-up kit and fuel rail, B&M Fuel Pressure riser, upgraded Jackson Racing Fuel pump, and more items waiting to be installed.
8. I have spent approximately $25,000 with his business over the past 3 years, and even bought him a birthday cake on his birthday. I tried my best to treat him as family, instead of vendor. This is not the way I expected to be treated in return.
If this is the way Jim does business then beware of him. Make your own opinion, as I only stated the facts. Jim has lied to me for approximately 18 months about something that was very special, and very dear to me. My son’s motor was a gift to him and he has yet to fulfill his part of the verbal agreement.
Jim, do not mess with something that means as much to me as the items off my son’s car that were intended to be used in the civic. You of all people know how much Jimmy cared about his car and how much he loved racing, especially at the drag strip. How could you do this to Jimmy, and how could you do this to me? You crossed the line when you lied to me, and all of the teenagers and young adults about my son’s motor; you did this all with a straight face. You are supposed to be an adult. How is the younger generation supposed to look up to you, and respect you, when you can’t even tell the truth? When you have to lie, and cheat to get what you want? What would you do if it were your child or grandchild Jim? All I want is my son’s motor back… all I want is to complete my son’s dream.

PS Most of Jimmy’s friends have no knowledge of this, but as of today, they, along with most of the surrounding areas and most of your suppliers, and your wife, will be well aware of what you’ve done. Things like this don’t make parents proud.

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