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OH $hit no reverse!!!!

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Does any body have the TSB on the problems with 5th and reverse grinding!!! Cant get it in or out of reverse, w/o it grinding!!!
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Hmmm are you making sure the car is at a standstill before shifting? Cause our cars dont have a synchro for revers like m3's etc...

not a TSB (could be wrong), lute riley honda did some really crappy work on my transmission, 5th started grinding (thats a tsb), then i got locked out of reverse permanently. Take it back and make sure they do a good job and CHECK FOR TRANNY FLUID LEAKS. Thats what started it all with me but its been fixed for awhile w/ no probs. just a major peeter of aproblem before...
So there is a TSb, on the 5th but not reverse. My 5 gear grinds sometimes but now i cant even get in reverse. I callled David Mcdavid to see if they can look at it, but there services sucks ass.
I occasionally have probs with reverse in my '00. I usually solve it by putting it back into neutral, clutch out, clutch back in, go to 1st, and then Im able to put it into reverse without a problem

2000 Blue Lude--5spd (of course)..

I hate this forum more and more every day.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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