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Official South Central Prelude Meet Thread (Austin, Texas)

It's kind of late notice at this point considering the meet is this weekend, but for those in Texas, you can still make it out.

This is South Central Prelude Meet
We are expecting between 30-50 Preludes.

Friday, May 23-25th

Friday May 23, 2003
5pm-6pm: Out of town people arrive
7pm: Dinner at Golden Corral
After dinner, maybe hang out at Fry's Electronics

Saturday May 24, 2003
10am: Breakfast at IHOP intersection of HWY 620 & 183.
After IHOP we will be heading out to the lake! (Selma Hughes Park on Quinlan Park Rd) We will need everyone to chip in $5.00 for the BBQ. ,I suggest everyone to bring lawn chairs, shades, tents or umbrellas, etc. for the hot sun. Bring your swimming gear, sun block, games, etc. to have fun at the lake…
8pm or after lake: If ppl want dinner, Rudy's is the place. (in round rock FM3406)
9-10:30ish gather everyone up and meet at RPM to head out to downtown.
*Adam will have details for all those under 18 or 21 & up who do not wish to go to the clubs.

Sunday May 25, 2003
11am- Brunch @ Denny's (south of Rudy's in Round Rock) Farewell/ last pics and bye bye to everyone

South Central Prelude Meet. People from OKC, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston will be showing up. For more info please email Laura at [email protected] and for more details HPOA message boards under SCPM or , or IM Jherm04.
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