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Today was spring commencement at my Univ....I wasn't able to go, so I decided to catch the JUST SO HAPPENS that the fvcking webcast guys didn't get their broadcast started until the ceremony was in the middle of the Post-Baccalaureate carried through the College of Education BA/BS degrees...then it got to my gang..the College of Engineering...

WELL, as they were going through the list of names, I'd counted two guys I recognized...and...POOF...that was the end of the broadcast....

It was a realplayer broadcast....and the fvckers cut it off in the middle of the CoEng! I don't believe it!!!!!

I'd been expecting to see like 30 people I knew...and I saw 2....SHET!

That sucks....I won't get to see some of these people EVER again...and I didn't get to see them walk....god dammit!

[flame off]

*sigh* oh well...other than was nice here in Central Florida..and...I saw the Mummy Returns (not bad)....

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