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NOS octane booster

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I was at a parts store this past weekend and I noticed some cans of the stuff. Regular, off-road and racing formulas. Any benefits of using the stuff if you're not on nitrious? Any performance gains? At the strip a guy was mad-dumping the stuff into his N/A CRX - no nitrous. He says it worked...
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NOS is simply a brand. You don't have to use Nitrous for their fuel products. Some people even use fuel pumps or FPR's from NOS. They make a lot of things, just mainly nitrous systems.

I would gather that it is similar to all Octane Boosters which isn't necessary on daily drivers.
Yep it's just a brand. I used it once when my father in law put 87 octane in my prelude. The gas wouln't have hurt anything but I just happend to have a bottle of booster in case anyone ever did that or I got stuck in a place that only sold low octane gas.


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see it
87 is terrible gas... only 93 for me.

As was already stated a few times... NOS is just the brand. It only is design'd to raise the octane of your fuel by a few point.

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I have seen a 5th G Prelude dyno test on NOS Octane booster from " It helps 2.4hp gain(i am not sure the exact gain, but it's around 2hp). It's a good thing tho, $6 for 2hp. Get a bottle of em b4 race or 1/4 miles.
Anyone can find the article?? I can't find it now, sorry.

All octane boosters add like 1 to 3 hp to the wheels. I think its especially useful on domestics though.

Probably only useful on higher compression.
the boosters all help raise the octane level, but all of the makes are NOT equal. i've heard many good comments on the nos make though.

a common fault in using the octane booster is NOT tuning your timing to take full advantage of the higher octane level. the high octane level is there to provide better combustion, but more important it helps in preventing pinging. higher octane is necessary on high compression motors.

we all know we make more power when we tune our timing and advance as far as we can before we ping. higher octane levels will allow us to advance even farther by preventing pinging beyond our previous maxim.

of course there are limits, we dont want physical intercourse between our pistons and valves do we?

don't touch me . . .


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Don't forget that octane booster leave deposits! Check your plugs after using an octane booster, and you will see what I mean.

So, think about that stuff getting all over your O2 sensor. Eventually it's going to ruin the O2, even though the NOS stuff says it's safe for O2 sensors.

I think Todd ran a couple of bottles through, checked his plugs, and they were a burn red color from the booster. Never saw that before he used the NOS octane booster.

Yes, it gains power, but I wouldn't use it in EVERY tank.

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i use this stuff (the race formula) adds 7 octane points... i have a 85 shot NOS system. like the others said its more useful under HIGH compression. i read in a artical a few months ago where they tested thsi formula on a NOS'ed integra and a NA prelude. the gains were minimul on the prelude but on the integra shooting the juice and making the compression go through the roof, it made a 7 HP differince which is BIG TIME for 15 bucks. i mostly use it just for the safty aspect of it when juicing but if it adds power then more POWER to me right./
I remember this article, the Prelude they used was by no means stock, it had ignition upgrades, i/h/e etc., and unfortunately 5th gens can't mechanically change the timing to take advantage of the higher octane, so I say it's probably not worth it unless you're looking for that extra .01 sec. on the drag strip. But if someone has had experience otherwise, I might be wrong (I've never tried using it).
Thanks for the info guys. I'm heading to the strip this weekend, so maybe I'll try dumping a can of the stuff into my tank. Right now, I've just got i/h/e.
The butt-dyno reports an increase in top-end power. I swear that on my '99 I can hear the faintest of knocking when under load, winding it up to fuel cutoff (even with 93 octane). The NO eliminated this noise and makes the car feel like it pulls harder.

On the other hand, I know people who've replaced cats due to this, and I've seen what my plugs look like after using it. I'd recommend it only for the strip, and probably not for consecutive tanks.

I'm not a fan of fuel additives or cleaners, but I'll tell you, NOS works. I'm not sure checmically what it does, but it adds power, even for my '99 base w/intake (that's it).
only for the strip, street racing night if you race your car.

or if you just want to go out and have some fun.
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