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Moderators, This was originally posted in the Prelude forum because GingerMan Raceway is having the event, not a club. People associate the Club Events forum as to relating to SCCA and other sanctioning bodies. I posted this there too because people that are participating in club events may be interested in this too. I am just trying to promote what I have found to be an incredible time. Please leave this in the forum for people to check out-Thanks, Brian.

Everybody, the subject says it all. GingerMan Raceway is having an open practice day Sunday. They typically charge $100 for the full day and $75 for a half day. For more information about the track, go to South Haven is almost directly across Lake Michigan from Chicago. It only takes about 2.5 hours to get there. Every time I go, I have the only Prelude there. C'mon out and keep me company.

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