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no wonder preludes are being discontinued...

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I was at the local Honda dealership and saw a red SH that has been on the lot since I was buying last June. My friend just got a new truck and I had jokingly said to him that this Honda dealership had a new Prelude thats been there forever, and that he could probably pick it up for about 18k brand new, assuming by now they'd do anything to sell it. Well, silly me thinking they'd want to sell their cars. I looked at the sticker, 27,985 for a 2000! that's american dollars. Yes, a 2000, which means it's sat there since late 99 and they actually expect to sell it at that price. f'ing ridiculous
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Are you hinting at a conspiracy?
Thats exactly how I picked mine up, the dealer had this 99 SH on the lot for over a year and guess what, I didn't pay sticker. Which was listed at 29K. Your probably thinking wow, but I am in Alaska and the mark up everything because they can. Anyway, I got it at invoice and they paid off two loans and a credit card so I could get the loan, and the kicker is they didn't tack that amount onto the loan. Life is grand, especially with a two year old Lude with only 700 miles on it from the dealer.

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The sticker on the prelude only serves to scare away the buyers. I'd hate to think that anyone had actually paid sticker-price for one. I'm not surprised that one's been sitting that long. Wait 'til the end of this year when they don't come back. They'll have to give them away.
My car is actually worth more (according to blue book) than what I paid for it two years ago, even after all the miles I have put on it! Bout damn time I made a decent investment.
Back in '89 I bought an '88 Saleen Mustang for $17K. The sticker was $25K. Like that 'Lude, it had been sitting on the showroom floor for almost a year. All I wanted was a basic v6 convertible, and I would've paid more than $17K for it. They refused to get me one. So they took a bath.

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Well, the worst part is that it hasn't been sitting on the showroom floor, it's been out on the lot the entire time. Can you imagine how much grass would have grown around it by now if they had left it in some hicks backyard that whole time? Maybe they should try that. It'd open them up to an entirely new market.
Only about 10 percent of the G4 Ludes were VTECs. So now that the current car has it standard, only the enthusiasts really care. The rest of the potential buyers are left muttering "where's the leather, and why no rear spoiler? And don't the unpainted sills look awful? Plus, now there's little headroom, etc!"

They've essentialy pissed off previous VTEC owners who were looking to upgrade, and alienated the rest who wanted more choices.
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