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New Lude Owner Engine Trouble

Hello I am the proud new owner of a 1990 Prelude Si which has a B20A5 in it. first off got the car for a sreak 700 bucks he was asking 975 but talked him down. The car ahs 218K miles on it and runs pretty good. The only problem which led me to find a forum is that it has a hesitation or miss of somesort while accelerating. from a stop with "normal" acceleration at around 2k rpm it starts having a slight jerking feeling and does this threw all gears and becomes more aparent as you get on the throttle more. also i have noticed that the speedometer will fall back to 0 and then stay there for a while the all of a sudden bounce and then go back to the right speed. any ideas im thinking maybe ECU related or spark timming?

Thx in advance

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