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What's up gang! I didn't see an intro forum, so figured I'd post up here.

Name's Jesse, I'm the noobiest noob from San Diego.

I've been an auto-enthusiast since before I was licensed, and have owned far more cars than anybody my age should have.

I don't have a Prelude, but I did pick up a new car that called for me joining a Prelude forum...

1994 Accord EX

First Honda in the family, purchased by my girlfriend. It's not a Prelude, but it has enough Prelude in it to make me join a Prelude forum :p

Came with a ref'd H22A swap, unfortunately it also came with an autotragic slushbox. It'll get a 5spd conversion as soon as I find the time.

Here are my other projects:

1972 Datsun 521

This is being built for this competition:
SDREV Grand Challenge

If you've never tried budget racing, and are in the SoCal area, I would highly recommend you check it out, this is the most fun I've ever had with a build.

Yes, it'll actually be built for $1000 or less, and it will be boosted. Hoping for 7s in the 1/8th mile out of it. If you like watching very slow tedious budget builds you can watch the entire project get pieced together over on the SD Grand Challenge forum.

1998 Eclipse GST Spyder

It's completely stock much to the dismay of my DSM owning buddies. Mostly just a weekend cruiser/loaner to the girlfriend.

1989 MX-6 GT

This isn't what it looks like, just a quick photochop to plan it out. It's currently a very oxidized red/pink on 929 mesh wheels. This is the 3rd turbo GD chassis Mazda I've owned, and will probably end up doing autocross duty. The last one I owned which received basic mods dynoed ~200whp & 300ft/lbs @ 4900rpm. The 2.2t engine makes a lot of torque, which is great if you like breaking drivelines :)

That's it for now, hopefully I've adequately conveyed my unbiased love for all things automotive. I'm looking forward to learning from the more experienced folks here, glad to be aboard!
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