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I am trying to fulfill one of my youth dreams at the age of 48. The Prelude. A car that in my youth I could neither acquire nor enjoy, and that now, with my grown children, I think I can reach. The point is that in Spain there is not much information about these jewels.
I will refer mainly to 5th generation units, which in these lands are the most abundant and in better condition. Specifically, I have a unit from 1998 near my home. Specifically a 2.2 Vtec Si with ATTS (in the USA I think it is the type SH).

The unit has 173000 km and all the main maintenance carried out (complete distribution kit, new power steering rack, etc ...), and apparently the car is very well cared for. My doubts arise about the reliability of the wonderful ATTS system.
In other words, I see many units with 4WS with many kilometers (more than 300,000), but I cannot see units equipped with ATTS with more than 220,000 kilometers, at least in Spain.
How reliable is the ATTS, assuming it is properly maintained?

Thank you
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