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Need opinions on new tires.

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I got a major hole in one my stock tires so it's time for new ones. I know the stock ones suck, what else is good? I need ones that are good in the rain, too.

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I like yoko parada's and a520's... but I am not sure how great they are in the rain.
I'd suggest going to and reading some of the tire reviews and user feedback they have there. It'll help you make your own decision.
Well i have the paradas right know great tire for the money, awsome dry handeling, good in the rain as whell. 300 treadware.I had 12 a520's they are awsome they suck in the snow, rain is decient but dry is out standing if your car is lowerd more than 1.5 I would sugest not getting them. the insides will wear out tramendiously faster before anything else. 180 treadware got to love it!!.
Kumos are good would not buy them again.
If you want some real hard core handeling tires in the dry, get the Perelli aysemtrico's they are 145 a piece from discounttire, tire rack is like 6 buck more. But those are the best tires i have had to date when i get 620 extra to burn i am buying those again!!!


GET SOME!!!!!!!!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Luder-xhpx:
I like yoko parada's and a520's... but I am not sure how great they are in the rain.</font>
I agree with yokohama parada's they are a great tire and not to expensive.

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I looked at 3 tires in the stock 205/50/16 size:

Bridgestone RE730
Dunlop SP Sport 9000
Toyo Proxes T1-S

Both and have message boards for tires. From what people say, the RE730's are pretty good but become noisy. The Dunlops are supposed to be more quiet, but they do cost a bit more. The few people who have the Toyo's have been happy with them.

I got the Dunlops because Tire Rack carries them. The compound is noticeably softer than the stock RE92's. I feel they are quieter and stickier, but I've put less than 500 miles on them so far.

Looks-wise, the Dunlops look not as wide because 205 is not that wide to begin with, and the Dunlop's has 2 circumferential channels which makes the tire look taller from the rear. The Toyo's would probably make your tires look wider (and better, IMO), because the sipes go all the way from the center to the edge.
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