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I bought a Viper 350 Responder alarm and I'm not sure if I match the wires right.

Prelude diagram:
Car Alarm Wiring Diagram and Car Wire Schematics – 1997 Honda Prelude

Alarm diagram:

Constant 12V+ Wire: White to Alarm Constant: Red
Starter Wire (+): Black/White to Alarm Starter Kill Relay: Orange?
Ignition Wire (+): Black/Yellow to Alarm Key Switch: Yellow
Accessory Wire: Yellow not use?
Tachometer Wire: Blue not use?
Door Lock Wire (-): Black/White to Alarm Lock Harness: Green
Door Unlock Wire (-): Black/Orange to Alarm Lock Harness: Blue
Door Trigger Wire (-): White/Black to Alarm (-) Door Switch Wire: Green
Parking Light Positive Wire (+): Red/Black to Alarm Vehicle Parking Light: White
Horn Trigger Wire (-): Blue/Red or Light Green/Blue not use?
Brake Wire (+): White/Black not use?

Thank you

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I see that this post is a bit old, but you pretty much got the wires right. The starter wire (Black/White) doesn't get connected to the alarm orange. It gets cut & connected to the green wire & black wire coming out of the starter kill relay.
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