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Need Help Rewiring Front Signals..!!!

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I have a 99' prelude & I'm planning to rewire my front signals so that they stay on all the time, and lit up brighter when i signal...
I know i need a 3 wire socket and a dual fillament bulb, but where do i get the third wire for the socket? (the one needed to keep the bulb lit constantly)..
has anyone seen/tried this?
Any Input is apreciated,
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some 1 has to know something about this..!
The wire to keep it lit constantly, you can tap into the power wire for the parking lights. Not to sure about the other wires, but it sounds like you know where to get those from. Hope this helps.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Quick Silver:
has anyone seen/tried this?
Any Input is apreciated,
i'm pretty sure this was in another thread somewhere. actually, i'm damn sure, cause i posted to that one too.

basically, the best we could do on my car was without the dual filament, so the front turns are on with the city lights and go off-on-off-on when you blink. you could try looking up the thread, they discussed it in alot more detail. know that you'll be needing relays to pull this off.

good luck! if you end up doing a dual filament, like the civic turns, post up what you did, to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

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