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NE Prelude owners?

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Any Prelude owners or clubs in the New England area on here? I live in northern MA. Seems like a lot of you are from the bay area (san fran). I actually just got back from a Jeep owner's meet tonite w/ a buddy of mine who has a heep, I mean Jeep.... It just got me thinkin...
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I go to college out here in Amherst, but I am from Newton. You should come to the autocross on Sunday! It's in Ayer, MA at Ft. Devens. Check out my post in the "Club Events" forum.

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You just missed a little get together. I am from CT, and so is Stereodoc. I would love to meet up with other prelude owners. I am part of the Northeast Audi club, and they are really active, with a huge aftermarket tuner show in July. I would love to see something like this for Hondas/Acuras, let alone Preludes.

I am considering going to the LI meet on April 8th. Anyone else from New England possibly going? We can caravan down.

jmcn... what time you guys meeting? Could you possibly give me directions?
The weather's supposed to b sh*tty this guys still goin?
I'm from Boston, there pretty much some Prelude owners out here too.
Maybe once every 3 days or so.
You guys gonna b goin to the NH Import show?
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