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i need to upgrade my ugly yellow stock lights...
i found these bulbs at called KRYPTON HID Krypton Blue bulbs. they have 9005/9006 set for $44 shipped! ne one know if these r good cuz what a deal!
oh yah here is the link to the page.
also, my local import shop has CUZO bulbs for $30/pair, these ne good?

94 red LS auto (sigh) 2 dr
Yokohama 14" tires (wit hubcaps i want RIMS but $$$)
clear corners
...hopefully more later.
i wish my car looked as good as this...


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I don't think you should use those bulbs unless you upgrade your wire harness. Those Krypton bulbs are high wattage. So they burn really hot. Which could cause you stock wires to melt or you could cause damage to you headlamp housing. Even though it doesn't list the wattage I'm thinking its around 80 watts for the low beams. The stock low beams are around 55 watts.
If I were you I'd get the eurolite xenon krypton mix. They also have a saver pack for 9005/9006. They have to 2 kinds the HID blue type or the super white one. I have the plain white one it's brighter then stock and its pure white with no blue or yellow. Plus these are close to the stock wattages so no worry bout damage. I like what I have could have a tiny bit of blue in that would be perfect. But yea go for the eurolites..
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