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Ludatic said:
ahh so thats what ur car looks like

great sleeper, reminds me of sharkcohen

u goin to lfw?
yes sir. I actually just changed my brakes and repainted the calipers. You can also note in the bottom picture i switched my euro sidemarkers back in for the summer season(i got new bulbs).

You'd approve ... i got led sidemarker bulbs :bigthumb:

I'm planning on taking some more pics today with my new caliper paint. Its worth painting and going out. I'll see what i cant find...

I'm planning on going to LFW. I dont know if i'll have funds to get my turbo back on my car. But i'll definately be running my n/a setup. I'll also have my new blacktrax clutch ... so we can see if they're good or not.

99interlude said:
nice damn but for some reason i always thought u had a 4thgen
andrea, Of course you'd think i had a 4g. I always wanted a 4g, and in fact when i went to buy a prelude, i wanted to a buy a 4g. I quickly lost sight of that for the shinier newer model with the bigger headlights and the larger grill :laugh:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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