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My Next Mod: JET V-Force!

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After alot of debating....and thinking..i've heard alot of good things out of it!

gonna get the JET V-FORCE only $209.95,
and gonna try and run 13s'w/slicks ! Shouldn't be a problem, since I'm not to far away!



1997 Prelude (Non-Sh) Eucalyptus Green "TEAM ALL SPORT RACING"
AEM Intake, 5Zigen Fireball Exhaust w/Gutted Cat, 18 Degree Advanced Timing, DC C/C Header, DC Short-Shifter, Gutted Interior, Sprint Race Springs, Front & Rear Strut Bars. Clear Lenses All Around w/Hiper White Bulbs & Alteeza Tailights.
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[This message has been edited by vntperformance (edited March 24, 2001).]
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not talk you out of it, but there's some complaints about it boggin the car down around 2000rpm, deceleration after hard acceleration, and making the check engine light go on....and that's still after they put the holes in the back
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