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so last saturday i was driving down with my two brothers weighs 225-230 lbs and my other brother 155 lbs and me. Plus had my spare in my car (usually i do not have it, but mom was bi!ching about it being in the garage so i put it inside my car.)

i pull up at a light and these two white dudes pull up in a 89 90ish white camaro with two racing stripes down the middle plus flow masters :rolleyes:

so i start revving my engine at 3.5K peak for a good launch and light hits green and i am ahead of him half a car length, and smoke his aZZ.:laugh:

i am not sure if it was iroc z, RS, or shltty 6 banger.

this guy was pretty pissed when we came to the next light, so he slowed down at the next light

i had my vafc installed few days ago and did not have my bottle open to shoot n20..

i was like daym if i was ahead of him half a car length, imagine what would had happened if did not have anyone in my car, spare off, and bottle on...:bigthumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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