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My first post here!

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Wassup everyone, I've been in this forum lately but I havn't registered until today! I recognize a few people here from sho and I am from sho but I LIKE this site so much better. It's wayy faster and responsive.
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I would like to be the first to Welcome you to the board.
I'll be the 2nd then

Stick around, it's good here.

93 VTEC 4WS & TC (JDM)
"and on the seventh day, God created VTEC"
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Yeah, you'll know me from SHO!
I remember you too Dilly, we shared some posts together in the past!
Takes a bit of getting used to here Buddy, but you will prefer it!
No one flames here, and it is concentrated on the stuff that really matters!
You can't talk about street racing on this board, I think that was the biggest adjustment I needed to make!
You WILL like it though! I can barely put up with SHO now!

5th GEN 2.2 VTI 4WS Manual
See less See more seems that all of us old SHO people are coming over here...I just did a couple days ago too! Welcome dilly! It sucks, I am at the bottom of the status food chain again...less than 10 posts
oh well.

Got VTEC? I don't.
92 Prelude Si BONE stock
**[email protected] at LACR so 15.5 at Pomona**
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