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I was on my way home and I WOT on 4th gear. Suddenly, the car died. i don't think the engine had any problem, since there was no smoke, oil leakage. However, i do realise that my avc-r, field and j&s were off. I tried checking the fuse, but everything seems to be in order. My final guess is that either the ecu's power is cut or the ecu is fused. What do you guys think? the reason why i think it is the ecu is because the power to the avc-r, field and the j&s are all linked to the power of the ecu.
btw, would the ecu blow that easily? would there be a fuse for the ecu? i checked the ecu inside the car and it is fine. the radio fuse in the engine bay is fine too. ironically, the radio, turn signal, lights all work. any takers on this? TIA

98 Turbo Prelude
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