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Via Facebook started communicating with a fellow from Poland who was making a diffuser molded with mugen valances. Luckily I was able to get one of the first batches from him. Its a very nice quality piece and its molded in a way where you can install it without much hassle to your original bumper. The center diffuser part does have to be cut and modified for the tow hook and your specific exhaust.

How it looks once installed. I haven't had a chance to paint this piece yet as I had to put things on hold for some much bigger projects.. in which you will see in a few. ;)

My wheel hoarding continues; I acquired my old set of Advan RG-D's :D

Still more updates to come.. stay tuned.. :D

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Wheel Hoarding continued, picked up another set of Advans. I simply couldn't resist these beautiful T6's that my buddy Justin JDM had.

They are the perfect wheel for the more simple and clean look that I used to have. So what better way to go back to that look?

Type S Lip!

Painted and installed back with SH sides and Stock wing and the T6's. :D

Sported this look when I went to the big Dallas prelude meet and got to hang out with Joe Gomez and his beautiful red RHD beauty.

With this meet over it was officially crunch time to start overhauling the lude for the big annual BBAllianceTB meet less than a month away in August.

As part of that overhaul it was time to install this goodie; a JRSC SH kit that I snatched up earlier in the year thanks to a local buddy Eric.

I was missing a few key pieces but managed to source all of the remaining components I needed to get the JRSC up and running. As a temporary solution I opted to use the stock JR EMS electronics since it would allow me to stay OBD2 and keep my atts. It's not the most efficient setup but it'll have to do in the meantime until I upgrade to a more robust OBD2 setup like the emanage ultimate.

With all the major pieces ready to be installed I removed the intake manifold and test fitted the SC to see how it would look in the bay.
Not too shabby I gotta say. ;)

I wasn't completely satisfied with a few of components like the Pulley Plate and the stock look of the jackshaft and S-Tube so I refinished them with a satin black epoxy spray paint. With everything removed I figured I might as well refinish the alternator as well.

I added my own little touch to the pulley plate by grinding the top edge and sanding the heck out of it to achieve that mirror polish look.

The sides were refinished in that satin black epoxy paint as well.

I was missing the original JR IACV adapter so I opted to use the IACV adapter from Rosko. Had to extend the wiring for it but now I had enough length so I could tuck it near the EVAP canister.

While I had everything taken apart for the SC install I decided to rip out my Power Steering and loop the lines plus tucked the alternator wire as seen here.

With the SC install out of the way there was really only one major thing left for me to do before the Annual Meet.

And that was to install this; the Legit Mugen Bumper complete with Fog Light Lens Covers. It took me over 6 years to finally find this piece but luckily I bought it from Kyle(knoxlude) in Tennessee. I didn't trust any shipping companies to ship this bumper so I ended up flying up to TN for a prelude meet and drove the bumper back in a rental lol.

Overall the bumper was in good condition but I sent it off to one of the best body shops in town to do a full restoration and repaint.

Transformation underway.. Fiberglass repaired

Poly Layer sprayed..

Sanded , then primer and sanded again..

Trying to get the best match possible..

Base Coat..

After Clear..

and that last special touch.. Fog Light areas done in Satin Black instead of the usual Silver..


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The bumper came out beautiful..

Lens Covers were wetsanded.. still not perfect but they were much improved over their previous cloudy appearance.

It was time to get the ball rollling and start assembling everything because the annual meet was just around the corner.. a few days away..

I worked non stop through the weekend with very little sleep to finish assembling the smurf. I managed to complete it but ended up being over 4 hrs late to the annual meet lol

But the end product.. was this.. an SC'd Genuine Fully Equipped Mugen Prelude.

The feedback was tremendous and my lude familia were pleasantly surprised by the overall updates I kept under wraps until the meet. Luckily I was voted Best of Show.

I had a great time at the prelude meet and the turnout was tremendous with several luders coming out of state for this meet.

With the new setup all installed it was time for a photoshoot.. :D

Picture Overload coming..

Cool picture by my buddy Khai. He owns a beautiful RHD White Type S btw :)

Chilling with Khai.

Thats all the updates for now..
Still have a few more things to do in the bay and the interior so hopefully more updates will happen later in the year.

Thanks for looking.

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As always, the amount of work you've done (along with the crazy amounts of JDM parts hoarding :p) just blows me away...great work as always! :bigthumb:

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haha dude you still got your 4th gen? i got an email update for this ****. I love his car(and yours too)
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