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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by vtec32:

Can you get replica ones? How much for the sides and rear and the wing? THanks

I'm not James, but I can get the replica ones, $185 for the rear plus 100-130 shipping.
It's cheaper to buy the whole kit.

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u know..they should just bring out the mugen kit as a factory kit for all preludes!
Seems like everybody i know has one!

that ludes sweet but ur mamas tassstttyyy

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ODL-is that your apartment in the pic? Just curious cuz I was wondering what rent cost there(provided that it's not student housing). I pay over 1100 monthly for a one bedroom which I'm not too happy about. If I moved into club california apts in westwood, it would've cost about 1K for a studio(which I almost did). I only got this place because it has a underground garage for my prelude

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EwwwWWwwWW!!! Club california?!??! I hate that place...stanky!

My current rent is 1850...kinda steep i know, but hey, it's worth it to me to live decently. I'm a bit farther from UCLA tho...but it's not bad at all. Just 15 min driving, or 20 min big blue bus (hey, it's free
). I'm right west of the 405, north of the 10. They have a few studios here too...i think it starts at's pretty nice. I'm not sure if they have vacancies tho...i can check the board tomorrow on my way out. Underground parking too. Yah, that's bout it me thinks. Email me if you want more info...this is my 2nd year at this apt...and i like it a lot...


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