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The following is the install of an MSD SCI and Blaster SS Coil

Parts needed:
MSD SCI ignition PN 6300
MSD Blaster SS Coil Pn 8207
( both include wire connectors and mounting bolts.

Assorted screwdrivers
10mm 12mm socket, or open ended box wrench
Drill with assorted bits

Before begining the install disconect the battery to prevent any unpleasent surprises.

The most difficult part of the install is finding a mounting location. Some people have chosen to mount the unit beside thier battery or in the space where thier battery was located after moving it to the trunk.

I decided to build an easy to fabricate bracket from some srap aluminim that would sit over my intake manifold. I used a 3inch L bracket that I had purchased at Lowes to mount the SS Coil in the stock location.

For the MSD box bracket any local metal or HVAC shop should be able to make one for you for under $10, or you could buy the scrap and cut/bend it yourself. Measurements are included in Pic#1

Once I had the bracket bent here are the cutting instructions so you can mount it using the stock throttle cable bolts.
I cut 1/4inch slot about 1 inch in on the right side for the throttle cable arm bracket to stick out of. Technically you could just mount the TC bracket on the outside of the MSD plate but I wanted to keep stock locations to prevent problems. I also cut a 1 1/2 inch square from the left side of the MSD bracket this allowed plenty of clearance for the throttle rotor and access to the throttlebody bolts for easy removal. When done your MSD plate should look like this...

The blaster coil bracket was much easier to make. All you need to do is take that 3 inch L bracket and drill one of the holes into the shape of a Mike&Ike candy. Of the 2 holes you can see in the pic below you should be drilling out the hole on the left. The goal is to make the holes closer together. So the SS coil can mount to it.

Now that the brackets are made let's move on to the actual install of the MSD SCI

First remove the throttle cable bracket. to do so you'll have to loosen the nuts that are on the throttle cable with an open ended wrench so you can slide the cable off of it's arm. Be sure to mark exactley where the cable was mounted so you can put it back in the same place. Now remove the bracket from the intake manifold by loosening the two 12mm nuts.

By this point you should already have the MSD SCI mounted to the plate and ready for install. Then it is just a matter of lining up the plate with the Throttle cable bracket and arm and then tightening it down with the two 12mm nuts you removed earlier. it should look like this.

And from the other side


And next the install of the Blaster Coil
First disconect the wire leading to the distributer cap. And unplug the Grey four point harness from undernieth.
( Highlighted in GREEN )

Next using a 10mm socket unbolt the stock coil from the engine by removing the 2 bolts.
( Highlighted in YELLOW )

Now remember that L bracket you drilled out earlier?

Discard the bolts that came with the SS Coil. I used a pair of 6x35mm bolts and matching nuts. The bolts fit perfectley into the mounting holes on the SS Coil and are long enough to reach the L bracket. Now I chose to place a rubber washers in between the SS Coil and the bracket I also used locking washers on the side between the nut and the L bracket to prevent any loosening from engine vibration. Mount the SS Coil to the L bracket as pictured on the right below.

Now that L bracket should have 2 free holes on the exposed side of it. Use any one of those to mount your coil using the OEM location. I used the lower left of the stock mounting points because it was the only way my Coil wire could reach it. You should have something that looks like this.


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Almost done now for the wireing...

With the hardest part out of the way and both units mounted the wireing is the easiest part.

MSD SCI THICK RED->Battery Positive
MSD SCI THICK BLACK-> Battery Negative

MSD SCI THIN WHITE-> OEM coil Blue wire ( Ground )

** You'll need to use the "Y" splitter provided by MSD**
MSD SCI THIN RED-> OEM coil Black w/yellow stripe , & Yellow wire

I cannot stress the importance of soldering all of your connections and using heatshrink tubing or electrical tape to seal them when you are done. Loom all of your wires to protect them and keep them away from shap metal of hot objects that may melt them.

I have some concern about the spades used to plug into the OEM Coil Harness. If I can configure a way to secure them while plugged in I'll update this how to.

All done

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And these are some final shots of the finished install

If your Optima has side posts might as well use them...

And the SCI mounted with wires loomed and strapped under the wiper cowl.

The Blaster coil mounted and wired, replaced wire boot with Grey MSD wire boot.

You can see the OEM plud in this shot right under the SS Coil. that gap in the looming has since been seeled with electrical tape.

And a close up of the OEM harness and MSD spades plugged in.. look nothing to secure the wires from falling out??!! what's the deal MSD?
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