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February 3, 2022: I need ‘99 prelude driver door harness c651 wire color diagram.

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After removing driver door panel numerous times and replacing switches and components, I finally removed my running board, driver front fender, unplugged the C651 connector having 99% broken wires, and de-pinned the whole thing. I Soldered them solid with new wire and via trial and error I put it all back together.

Here above is a picture of my wire color notes I’m currently running. I acquired 3 harnesses over the last few years from junkyard 5th gen preludes for use with comparing and splicing; there were discrepancies with wire colors, but this is what I based my guesses on and made most functions currently work.

2 items still NOT working are 1: passenger door speaker, and 2: power mirrors (both sides not working.) These functions recently worked, so I believe it’s a C651 wiring issue.

Before soldering: Mirrors, auto locks, passenger window, and front main speakers we’re not working. The only thing left working from driver door was driver window.

From use these wires break over time but they break close enough to the pin so you cannot tell which color goes where. I wish I’d have done this 2 years ago when more wires were still connected.

I’m aware that at least one of these wires has multi function use. I’m pretty sure I probably misplaced at least one wire somewhere

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