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I recently installed a Mizu Cooling System on my car. My install write up can be found here: Mizu Cooling System Installation Write Up

The packaging, unboxing, and initial inspection:

Figure 1 - How the package arrived

Figure 2 - The wrapping removed and boxes separated.

Figure 3 - Fan shroud and provided hardware.

Figure 4 - The radiator.

Figure 5 - Some close ups of the construction.

As you can see, it is very well made. According to the Mizu site each radiator and fan shroud is hand welded and hand made. It feels very solid and looks great. It is also quite light.

Figure 6 - The radiator edge on.

As you can see from figure 6 it is quite thick, about 3/4" thicker than the factory radiator. It has a higher fin density than the factory radiator and uses two cooling rows instead of one.

The installation went very smoothly, and it all fits great. The extra thickness of the radiator is made up for by using thinner fans and a thinner shroud. All factory mounting points are maintained and it fits just as well as the OEM one does. The only modification required was to the wires of the fans. The Mizu fans are supplied with bullet connectors which do not work with the OEM connectors. I replaced the connectors on the car with ones that work with the fans. It was a very simple process that you can read about in the installation write up.

The installation of this cooling system provides a significant cooling increase over the factory system. During an overcast day with temps in the mid 80's, my coolant temp would hover around 200 degrees F, and under spirited driving, such as a highway on ramp, would climb to around 215 degrees F with the OEM system. Once the Mizu products were installed in the car I had a very difficult time getting the coolant temp to hit 200 degrees F. I was only able to do so by tailgating someone at 45mph in 2nd gear holding 4500RPM with the AC on on a day in the mid 90's. After that test drive I let the car sit and idle in my drive way. The temp would slowly climb to 214 degrees F, the fans would kick on, and within roughly 30 seconds the temp would drop to 203 degrees F, the fans would turn off, and the cycle would repeat.

Figure 7 - The completed installation in my car.

Not only does this dress up your engine bay a bit, but it also provides a great cooling advantage over the OEM system and comes with a lifetime warranty. I would certainly recommend this system to anyone looking for a better cooling setup for racing, daily driving, or anything in between. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. :bigthumb:
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