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Hi all,

I am planning a complete overhaul of my 4th gen. Stripping the exterior, as well as the engine bay, to have it completly repainted. It will be down for a year or two so I figure I might as well sell off the parts I plan to change.

-OEM seats: Driver's and passenger side only. I am keeping the rears. They are black, have no abnormal wear, stains, smell, tears. The only flaw I can report about is fading. They have the normal sun fade. They are a purpleish black now. They include the seat rails, too. I will take pics if there is any interest. $125 picked up for both.

-OEM front lip: It has some defects, but nothing major. It looks normal while looking at it from a normal distance. You can only see the defects up close.
$35 picked up

-OEM headlights: Driver's side is in really good shape. No defects. Passenger side has some two small rock holes in them. Two stones went through the glass. It works perfectly fine though. I put clear headlight protectors on them. The protectors stick to the surface of the headlight and are not noticable. You will pass state inspection with these. You can take the protectors off easily too if you desire. The headlight does fog up a little when it rains though. Doesn't affect the visability though. I have used them this way for 5 years.
$65 picked up for both

-OEM corner lights: The ones beside the headlights. No issues with them at all.
$25 shipped for both.

-2 OEM 7 spoke wheels: Painted silver. Could use a thorough paint job and some clearcoat to make them look really nice. NO CURB RASH at all!! Would make good spares or to be used for Winter wheels without any further painting.
$50 picked up. I can ship, but buyer will have to pay for it.

-OEM wheel well liners: The black plastic liner that mounts in the wheel well. They are 14+ years old, so they have wear, but they are not cracked or unsightly. I figure I will just replace them with new ones once I get the car painted. Great for those who are missing one or both!
$10 each picked up.

-H22 H23 alternator: Mileage is unknown but it was working fine when I took it off.
$40 shipped

*************These are the ONLY parts I have available***************

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If anyone gets the headlights, I have a perfect passenger headlight, but a driver's headlight with a rock chip. Buy his set with mine and you've got a perfect pair.
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