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M3 mirrors for 5th gen lude???

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hi, i was wondering if someone can help me find these mirrors.

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no!!! hehe j/k
i would have no idea where to look. g'luck...

anyway, what color is your lude??? cuz if it's red, can i have your stock mirrors when you get the M3 ones??? heheheehehe j/k


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Do you mean the new M3's or the older ones? Cus there's a guy on this board, name is LVSBB6, that has the older style (2-prong) M3 style side mirrors for his lude. Do a search and ask him where he got it. If I remember correctly he was selling his set too.

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whats the newer style? i didnt even notice, i just noticed a different "aero" mirror.

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yeah,i talked to him but he wants like 150 for manual adjusted mirrors which is a rip off.
I friggen hate those things.
Just my opinion.

Checked already???

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