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Hello guys,

I have a near brand new Lovefab Mini-Me turbo manifold for a H22. I was going to go turbo on my swapped Accord, but funds became limited and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't the best idea for a stock block daily driven Accord.
I'm almost sure it will not work with A/C unless you mod it. Also, you will probably have to modify the front motor mount, depending on the turbo you decide to go with. I forgot to mention it has a T3/T4 flange and provisions for a 44MM V-band wastegate.

This manifold goes for $575 on their website.
SOLD!!!!!!! SORRY GUYS!!!!!

Also have a set of near brand new Precision 880 CC Peak and Hold (Low Impedance) Injectors. They come with the wire harness as well. These should fit all OBI h22 preludes. If you want to put them on an OBDII car you will need to wire in a resistor box!
These go for $300 for the set, I'd like $190 or best offer!

The reason why I said these are "near brand new" is because they were only mounted, but never actually ran on... meaning all parts have 0 miles!

I'm paypal verfied! If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

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