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Okay, so I should be going off to take a look at a 1997 Prelude SH black in color, with 150k on it. It's most likely that the tranny will need to be replaced, as it pops out of gear in 4th and 5th, however they have a Neuspeed short shifter adapter installed, which I have heard will cause problems, any chance I could just remove the Neuspeed and it'll be good or for sure the new tranny? Details are:

Cali car - NO RUST
'00 grille conversion
red & white tail lights
Wings West front lip
carbon fiber interior trim kit
rsx shift knob
neuspeed short shifter
neuspeed lowering springs
4 new tires
car cover w/lock
wheel club
oem springs

-dc ceramic headers (anyone know if these make power?)
-aem fuel rail
aem CAI

also doesnt come with jack & driver fender slightly bent.

They want $4200 firm as is, or OBO but everything aftermarket gets taken out.
also doesnt come with jack & driver fender slightly bent.
the value is about 4500- found an SH tranny for $450+$90 shipping will do the work myself. If anybody has an SH tranny laying around they would let go for less I'd be interested, thanks in advance
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